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My name is Paul. I've been playing bass on and off for 25 years. I played with a couple of jam bands in the '80s. Now I play strictly for my own enjoyment. I have no ambition to be a professional musician. That being said, I do want to be as good as I can get.

More About Me
I'm 48 years young. I'm a chemist and own my own lab in Abbotsford BC. I test soil and plant tissue for the agricultural industry. My hobbies, besides bass, have included skydiving, flying, computer programming and building radio controlled vehicles.

Years playing bass
25 years on and off

The Gretsch
I have a 1980 Gretsch model 7629 "Committee" bass. It's beautifully made from walnut and maple with MOP inlays and ivory binding around the neck and head stock.

It has a single passive SuperTron pickup in the 'sweet' spot. The tone runs from extremely dark to extremely bright and twangy. The wide tonal range means I can dial in nearly any tone I want. Pretty amazing for a single Pickup.

Many thanks to Steve Brand, of Act One Music, Langley, for the great set-up job and correcting the wiring.

The Fender
I also have a Fender Precision Lyte. It has p/j pups and active electronics. It is nice to play, light, slim neck and good sound.

I replaced the stock Fender pups with DiMarzios. They have higher output, wider frequency response and greater dynamic range. They are a little brighter than the stock pups but with no loss of low end. I added two mini toggle switches for dual sound (series/parallel) off the DiMarzio pups. In combination with the blend pot there is a huge range of new tones I can get. It's a growly, funky little bass now.

I now have a 1978 Rickenbacker 4001 in Maple Glo finish. It is in beautiful shape. This was the bass I always wanted and couldn't afford. I put some new Rotos on the Ric and it sounds really good. What a beautiful old instrument. It's a true classic.

The Tune Bass
I just got a used Tune Bass NTB-4. It's transparent emerald green. It has Gotoh hardware, Tune Technologies P/J pups and active electronics.

Under all the dirt and grime was a really sweet bass. This is the lightest, most comfortable bass I've ever played.

It has some of the most intelligent features I've ever seen. The lower strap button is above center so the bass balances perfectly. The output jack is recessed and angled so you can't accidently 'pull the plug'. There are trim pots for bass and treble that allow you to adjust from 250K to 500K, basically you dial in the sound you want.

It sounds really great as well. Quite a modern, growly tone. I think this might be my favorite bass.

My Traynor TS-25B combo My homemade pedalboard and FX

The Traynor
I have a vintage Traynor TS-25B bass combo. It has a single 15" Black Widow speaker powered by a 25W solid state amp. Before you laugh at the power output let me say this, I have used this combo with a drummer and guitarist in a basement jam and I could still be heard. Although I admit I had the gain and volume both full on. It's an amazing little amp.

The Effects
I have a SansAmp programmable BDDI. This unit is really nice for shaping your tone and adding Drive and Presence. I highly recommend it.

I have Agent 00Funk envelope filter pedal and a Brown Dog gated bass fuzz pedal. Both are really excellent pedals that really give me the sound I was looking for. I highly recommend them.

The Rest of the Gear
I have a Peavey PV-8 mixer hooked up to the line in of my computer. This is for recording. It gives me 8 potential, simultaneous inputs.

My computer speaker output goes to an Apex matching box/pre-amp to balance the signal. From the Apex a balanced signal goes to a pair of TapCo S-5 active studio monitors.

My computer line output goes to a Behringer UB1222FX-Pro Eurorack mixer. The aux out goes to a Rolls headphone amp and then to my AKG studio phones for silent play. I run the mains out to my Traynor bass combo for non-silent (read loud) play. The Eurorack gives me an additional 16 simultaneous inputs for mics and other instruments.

I plug my bass into the PV-8 with or without the SansAmp for recording depending on whether I want a clean or EQ'd signal to work with. For practice I run my bass into the SansAmp BDDI and then into the Eurorack or PV-8 depending on whether I want my signal to go through the PC. I use Band in a Box for accompaniment and to lay down a backing track.

Left to right, PV-8, Eurorack, AK270, Rolls headphone amp, Korg analog tuner, SansAmp BDDI, TapCo S5 monitors, Apex ACM1 matching box, Chunk Systems Agent 00Funk envelope filter, Chunk Systems Brown Dog gated bass fuzz.

Tips & Tricks

  • Most nail polish is nitrocellulose based and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. If your bass has a nitrocellulose finish, nail polish is ideal to fill chips and dings.
  • A damp microfiber cloth is great for cleaning a bass. This way you don't need any cleaner at all. The microfiber also removes old wax buildup nicely.
  • You might want to think about cleaning your control cavity periodically if you don't already. Dust buildup could get into your pots and cause excess noise.
  • Always try to end your practice on a positive note.
  • Check out the lessons and jam tracks at Please sign in at the Libster Lounge.
  • Here's a quick way to tell if you're fretting your notes too hard. Try playing a few bars without your thumb touching the back of the neck. You should be able to fret the notes with just finger pressure.
  • Here are a few PC Recording Tips for those of you who are interested.
  • Here are some tips for BiaB users that I've learned from years of playing around with BiaB.

    Band in a Box Songs

    Here is a link to more than 100 Band in a Box songs and several styles for any of you BiaB users. These songs I either input myself or found on the internet and modified.

    The songs are in zip format so you need to be able to unzip them. Some may have styles that aren't in your installation of BiaB. In that case either substitute a suitable style from your own installation or e-mail me and I'll send you the style. The styles must be in your c:/BB folder for the songs to find them.

    Here is the current Songlist last modified: 18/04/06. I hope you enjoy them.

    About The Music

    When this page loads a javascript will play a song, chosen at random, from a group of songs I have recorded. All the songs feature backing tracks produced by Band in a Box and yours truly attempting to play bass.

    The songs are meant to showcase BiaB not my bass playing, although it does give you a chance to evaluate my playing as well. Please be kind. :-)

    Each songs bass was recorded using BiaB's audio track recording feature. The backing tracks were rendered to audio from BiaB and all the tracks were imported to Audacity for EQ'ing and mixing.

    The songs are,

    Some of My Favorite Pics

    Top Left: Skydiving over Abbotsford BC. Top Right: Flying an S7 Courier advanced ultralight. Bottom Left:Playing my Gretsch (after a few drinks lol). Bottom Right: My scratch built RC hydroplane with a converted weed whacker outboard motor.

  • Influences

    Musical Influences

  • Geddy Lee/Rush
  • Marc Bolan/TRex
  • Martha Davis/The Motels
  • Nils Lofgren/Grin
  • Geezer Butler/Black Sabbath
  • April Gislason/Sample Stearns Band
  • Vincent Crane/Atomic Rooster
  • Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull
  • Mel Schacher/Grand Funk Railroad
  • Favorite Recordings

  • Chronicals/Rush
  • Electric Warrior & The Slider/TRex
  • Self Titled/The Motels
  • 1+1/Grin
  • Black Sabbath & MOR/Black Sabbath
  • The Baked Tapes/Sample Stearns Band
  • In Hearing of/Atomic Rooster
  • Aqualung/Jethro Tull
  • Sun Secrets/The Eric Burdon Band
  • Current Gig(s)

    Ok, I know this is the Current Gigs section but I'm going to use it for convenience.

    Here are the candidates for BASSiaB. They are short examples and aren't mixed the way they will be for the project but they should serve to decide what song you want to vote for.

    Rio Gals - You asked for Latin and got it. This is a Latin/Rock fusion.

    Funky Moves - This is for Hazz. It's a Funk/Jazz/Rock fusion. It's as close in feel as I could get to your request so far Hazz.

    Almost Love - A disco-esque dance tune.

    Scent of June - Bluesy, New Orleans style rock.

    The Long Climb - Medium tempo metal. Don't ask me to name a sub-genre, I don't know thrash from black from death metal. hahaha

    Thoughts of Sabrina - Medium tempo rock ballad.

    Langley, BC. Canada

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