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"I very sincerely believe that not to oppose injustice is immoral. To be neutral and do nothing at all is to allow it to continue unhindered and unchecked, which is actually helping it to continue -again immoral. When you see an injustice the only moral stand you can take is that of opposition.".......Derek Still (Dags)

Steel Hammered

On September 29, 2006 my band Steel release our debut CD Hammered. You can check out clips of all 10 songs on the CD and buy a copy here: Steel Shopping Cart


PA Musician Cover. September, 2006

I've been playing bass since 1978. I practice every day and just love to play. I play in a band called Steel. It is a four piece band with a lot of talent. Steel was voted Artfortress band of the month for November 2002 on PA Webcast. Artfortress Band of the Month Nov. 2002 Steel was featured on the cover of "The Pennsylvania Musician Magazine for the month of September 2006. My rig? For over 20 years I have used a 1976 Sunn Concert Bass head and a 2 x 15 cab. I bought a B.C. Rich Bich in 1984 and have been playing it ever since. Although, I have my eye on a Ken Smith Elite.

Sunn Amplifiers

Hey, you have to have some fun while your playing. Nothin' like a cold Heineken.

Years playing bass
Been playing since 1978


1984 BC Rich Bich bass... my main axe
BC Rich Warlock
Fender Music Master (my first bass)
Sunn Concert Bass Head
Acoustic Head
Sunn 2x15" cab
Mesa Boogie 2x15" Cab
2 Sunn Magna PA Cabs
Peavy Mark 3, 24 channel board
Peavy Mark 12, 12 channel board
4 EV MT-4 speakers cabs (same cabs used by, Metallica, Prince, Heart, Queensryche... they're the real deal)
2 MTX crossovers
2 Crown Macro Tech 600 power amps
2 Crown Macro Tech 1200 power amps
2 Crown Macro Tech 2400 power amps
1 Peavey CS-800 Power amp
1 Peavey CS-400 power amp
Tascam 38 8-track reel to reel
2 DBX noise reduction
Ramsa WR-8816 mixer
Peavey noise gate
Behringer noise gate
Alesis Midi-Verb
Digitech 1900 Delay
Digitech Harmonizer
Alesis Copressor
2 EV 31 band graphic EQ's
2 Ashly Compressor's
Ashly dual Compressor
2 Rane dual 15 band graphic EQ's
Ashly 31 band graphic EQ
Yamaha 31 band grapic EQ
Ashly dual parametric EQ
Antares ATR-1A Auto-Tune
T.C. Electronics Finalizer 96K
ART tube pre-amp
Yamaha dual channel compressor
Lexicon MPX-500
DBX PB-48 Patch Bay
Furman Patch Bay
Tascam CD recorder
TC Helicon Voice Works

SM-57 microphones (many)
SM-58 mircophones (many)
Sure KSM-27 microphone
2 AKG C3000B microphone
Sure KSM 109 Micophone
Oktava 319 Microphone
2 Sure Beta-58
2 Sennheiser 421
Sennheiser 609
Neumann U-87
Many other misc. mics

Alesis Monitor One MK2 studio monitors
Alesis RA300 Power Amp
Rolls Headphone Amp
Behringer Headphone Amp
2 AKG 240-M Headphones
Sennheiser Headphones
Rapco 24 by 8 channel snake
Many, MANY other smaller sub snakes

11 piece Pearl drum kit (and yes, that is only counting the drums... It's a pretty big kit)

I might have missed $10,000 or so worth of gear but that all I can think of right now.

Current Gig(s)

Sat Apr 7th Tourist Inn Hellam, PA
Sat Apr 14th 10:00pm Shade Mountain Inn Middleburg, PA
Sat May 12th Doghouse Duncannon, Pa

Mechanicsburg, PA

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