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Played Guitar for years, started playing Ukulele, traditional and Baritone, still play guitar, play harp, and of couse if you play ukulele you have to play the kazoo. I want to learn how to play the Bass.

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A friend of mine that lives in Texas came to visit and gave me an old Peavey T-40 bass. The story was he came home one night in the early 80’s after reading a story about how Jaco Pastorius pulled all the frets off his bass, filled the slots with marine grade epoxy and started playing fretless. My friend had a few drinks that night and decided if it worked for Jaco it would work for him, so he pulled all of the frets off and then put the bass in the case for 26 years. He owns a few Basses so I told him I could refret it, so he just gave it to me.


Ukulele Ike, Robert Johnson, George Formby , Roy Smek, Jimmy Reed, Alberta Hunter

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Play for retired folks on the GeezerPalooza circuit.

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Cat Herder

Moncks Corner, SC

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