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Oh...can I fill this in later? Please? I'm awful at this bit.
I'm self-taught, I can explain that much. And yes...I use a pick(plectrum). Sometimes I experiment without it, but it's rare.

Years playing bass
Less than a year.

I play an MIM Fender Precision Bass through a real crap amp that I plan on replacing. With an Ampeg maybe? Haven't decided what model yet.


Paul Simonon is essentially the reason I picked up a bass, so I'll have to say The Clash, first and foremost. Joe Lally from Fugazi. Tessa Pollitt from The Slits. Gina Birch from the Raincoats. Brian Ritchie from Violent Femmes. Jah Wobble from Public Image Ltd. And, erm, any line that was put down on 1960s Motown label records. Tricky to learn! I listen to a bit of early dub, and first-wave ska too, to try to pick up even more lines.

Current Gig(s)

Nada! No band! My friends play no instruments! It's awfully dull. I've never played a gig in my life.

Day Job

I do your standard clerical work at a ho-hum office. Gotta save up for college, ya' know, I mean I do start at the end of August.

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