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Okay, I've been playing semi-professionally for close to thirty years. If it is 20th century American dance music, I can pretty much play it authentically, although I don't much like hard-core bebop or rap.

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More important, in my opinion, is that I have been playing assorted instruments since I was three years old.

My main bass is a Godin BG-V, which I play through a Hartke Kickback 12. The rest of my basses you can see on my homepage at Activebass.


Influences are tough for me to list. I get my inspiration pretty much from everything I hear. I will tell you, however, that I owe a lot of my musicianship to a local steel and electric guitar player named Pat Rowe. When I was just a fledgeling bass player, this guy took me under his wing. He had already been playing professionally for several years when I encountered him, and I learned quite a lot from his quiet and patient tutelage. I will always be grateful to Pat; he is one of my heroes. I still really have no idea why he agreed to play with us in the first place, way back then, but I'm glad he did!

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