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My friends call me Griz, or Grizman... I've enjoyed rock, metal, blues, and Harley-Davidsons all 49 years of my life, but didn't pick up a bass guitar until about five years ago... I'm married, with two grown sons, the youngest of which plays guitar... I also spent some time building and racing sprint cars, so if you have some methanol in your blood, and dirt clods in your beer, shoot me a note...

Years playing bass
5 years

My main axe is a Carvin kit bass, that I spent a very happy week assembling and finishing, a Fender P-Bass Standard (upgraded w/Semour Duncan SPB-3 pickups and BadAssII bridge), EXCELLENT lowend thump, a Peavey T-40 with incredible midrange punch, a Bass Collection P/J project that has been a project for a few years now, a Dean A/E Bass for around the old campfire, a Fender Strat to make a fool of myself with, a Peavey TKO 115S, a Peavey Minx, that does a very nice job with my drum machine, Pignose Hog 30 portable, and a Peavey TransTube 112EFX. I use a Sansamp Bass Compactor (very nice, and very affordable, does a great job quieting down my ham-handed technique), Furman PL8 power conditoner (from Payday Daddy's private stock), and a Samson wireless system (cheap and adequate). I've just picked up a Tech21 Landmark 60 combo to keep at my son's house. Seems I'm getting lazy in my old age, and prefer leaving gear to carrying!


• Geezer Butler..John Paul Jones..Tommy Hamilton...Tommy Shannon
• Aerosmith..Sabbath..Zep..Metallica..Godsmack..AC/DC..AIC
• Stevie Ray Vaughn..Kenny Wayne Shepherd..Robin Trower

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None yet....

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Custom Leatherwork

Dillsburg, PA, USA

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