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I was born in '58, my biggest accomplishments since then is having the same best friend since I can rememberand being with the same woman 14 years and raising two fine kids with her.

Years playing bass
I started playing bass at the age of 15.

I play a '78 Fender Precision which I bought new and recently purchased a Geddy Lee Signature bass. (2/07). I own an Ampeg SVT,Fender Bassman, Sunn Coliseum,and a Carvin R600 head. I run all through a Sunn 215b cabinet.


All music influences me in one way or another. However, Mel Schacher,Geddy Lee,Tony Stevens and Gary Thain were all my favorites, and major influences as far as bass players go. If asked, I would have to say Rush is my favorite band. Love Pearts lyrics. I consider him a modern day prophet.

Current Gig(s)

Right now we (drummer and I) are looking for a guitarist who can be a team player,our last one was a head case. Hard to believe,Huh?

Day Job

I drive a 24' box truck,delivering heating and A/C parts and equipment about a 1000 miles a week.

Mechanicsburg, PA

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