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Music has always made the biggest part of my life, Since i was a child I always wanted to be musician and live for and by music.I started taking Piano courses at the age of 10, at 12 i leant towards classical guitar i spent 4 years at the conservatoire learning solphege and basic technics that I tried to use to improve my skills through classical music with a large repertoire of pieces. I'm playing bass guitar since 1999 i found out that it was more "my cup of tea ^^". After 7 years of career as bass player with the band "Propaganda" I joined MYRATH in summer 2006

Years playing bass

I use : -Yamaha trb 6 P II -Ibanez Gsr 200 -Ibanez SDGR 506 -Pod XT LIVE BASS -Try to search an endorsement


John Maclaughlin, Shawn Lane, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Carcass, Tribal Tech, Pantera, Frank Zappa , Mothers of prevention, the best live band you never heard, Shut up and Play your Guitar,Queensryche, Van Halen, Skid Row, Extreme, Lynch Mob, Dokken and anything else that shredsMotorhead,Thin Lizzy,Captain Beyond,Deep Purple,Everything by Glen Danzig..which is The Misfits or Samhain..all of his shit,The Ramones,Ange,Witch,Blitzkrieg,R.E.M.,Spastic Children,Johann Sebastian Bach and of course METALLICAW.A Mozart, , John Wiliams, Elliot Goldenthal, Bach, Hungarian, Walachian, Transylvanian, Rusian, Japanese, Chinese traditional music, Barok, Pederecki, Cacopony, Steve Vai, uzeb, metalica,megadeth,iron maiden ,dream theater,alan silvestri,michel camlilo, frank zapa,anthony jackson,victor woten, DreamTheater, symphonyXOrchestra, Shakti, Jai Uttal, L Shankar, Zakir Hussein, Trilok Gurtu, Meshuggah, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Aeon Spoke, Portal, Curandero, EVH, Devin Townsend, Nuno Bettencourt, Jason Becker, Bret Garsed, Scott Henderson, Ron Thal, Ron Jarzombek, Greg Howe, Paul Gilbert, George Lynch, Andy Laroque, Paul Masvidal, Django Reinhardt, Haitain folklore music, Indian Ragas,and more......and more!

Current Gig(s)

63 lives in my cuntry with , Propaganda
5 in my cuntry with yrath
Prog'sud , france 2008 Myrath
metal rock fest ,norway august 2008 Myrath
prog power EU 2008 Myrath

Day Job

Bass teatcher , Myrath bass Player

Tunisia , tunis

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