Gear Lesson

Explain how to get the most use out of gear, combine gear, the theory behind gear, or the inner workings of gear.
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The Importance of a Good Setup

I want to talk briefly about bass guitar setup. Many of us think we have a handle on setup issues, I know I did, but this isn't always the case. Let me tell you what happened to me and how it has affected my playing then judge for yourself how important proper setup is.

How to EQ your PA

Tips on how to get the most out of your PA at a live gig.

Cheap Studios

Why not to record at the cheapest bidder's studio

Preparing for the gig

How to make sure you show up prepared, and with all your gear.

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Recording Bass: Mics vs. DI

There are two ways to get your bass into your computer or other recording device. You can choose Direct Input (DI) or use a microphone. This brief article discusses both approaches.

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