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an interview with peter davyduck


Peter Davyduck
Peter Davyduck

I first met Peter Davyduck a couple of years ago while I was searching for a bass guitar teacher. I had just started to play again after many years of infrequent practice and wanted some help to improve my skills. I was introduced to Peter at a local music store, Act One Music, where he worked (part time) and taught bass.

Peter is very skilled bassist. The first few times I heard him play I had to pick my jaw off the floor. I have very seldom heard the bass sound so good even in the most skilled hands. He turned out to be a very good teacher as well; flexible, articulate, encouraging and well rounded in different genres.

As I got to know him better though I've begun to realize there's another side to Peter that I didn't see immediately. He's an accomplished session player and sideman. Peter has worked with Canadian Artists Lianna Klassen, Stephanie Mainville, Graham Ord and Brian Doerksen. His credits include two CDs for Vineyard Music Canada "Believe" and "All I Need", the CDs "An Offering", "Waiting", "I Am", and "Regarding the Maker", Integrity Records releases "Today" (and its companion live concert DVD) and the 2008 Contemporary Christian/Gospel JUNO award winning CD "Holy God".

As a student I feel privileged learning from such an accomplished bassist. Peter has a wealth of insight into the art of bass playing that would benefit us all so, on behalf of, I asked him to share his knowledge in an interview.

I (PW) conducted this interview with Peter Davyduck (PD) by e-mail in July 2008.

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an interview with Little Lisa


Little Lisa
Little Lisa on stage

Fall 2007 saw the airing of The Next Great American Band (TNGAB) on the Fox network. While I'm not sure how well the show performed for the network I personally found it quite interesting. Of course, as an amateur musician, that might not be too surprising. There were a number of very talented bands that appeared on the show. My personal favorites were Franklin Bridge and Dot Dot Dot (DDD).

Franklin Bridge were voted off the show too soon in my humble opinion but DDD remained with the show for a few more episodes and I found myself rooting for them to be the winning band (sadly not the case). Not only did DDD have talent to spare and an engaging and refreshing style they also had one of the best bassists of any band in the competition. She goes by the name of Little Lisa but believe me 'little' doesn't refer to her talent. She lays down a great groove.

I (PW) conducted this interview with Little Lisa (LL) by e-mail in January 2008.

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An Interview with Billy Sheehan


Billy Sheehan
Billy Sheehan live in Taiwan

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An Interview with Chuck Rainey


Chuck Rainey
photo © Deborah Stuer,
It's not every day that you get to speak with a true bass legend. Since he entered the studio scene in the late 60s, Chuck Rainey has played on thousands of albums by famous artists including Aretha Franklin, Quincy Jones, Roberta Flack, and Steely Dan. His influence on bass playing has been vast. Many of today's top players cite him as an important influence. For the last several years, he has been focusing on his career as a solo artist. I (JM) conducted this telephone interview with Chuck (CR) in December, 2006.

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An interview with Gonzalo Silva


Gonzalo Silva
photo © Gina Mancini,

Gonzalo Silva has been slowly making a name for himself over the years, both
for the quality of his songwriting and for his atypical approach to performance.
Most singer/songwriters gravitate toward acoustic instruments, especially the
acoustic guitar. But Gonzalo's love is the bass, and his Flamenco-influenced
approach to playing it a fitting accompaniment to his voice. Even more unusual
is Gonzalo's choice of venue: he largely forgoes playing in clubs and instead
entertains listeners on the platforms of subway stations in NYC, Boston, Chicago,
and Montreal. I conducted this interview with Gonzalo through a series of
emails during late September, 2006.

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An Interview with Steve Lawson


Steve Lawson
photo © Steve Brown,
Steve Lawson is well known for his work as a solo bassist and his expressive
playing on both fretted and fretless six-string basses. He has released six
CDs focussing on the bass in solo and duo contexts, often creatively employing
looping technology. The latest of these,
Behind Every Word,
was released June 19, 2006. Steve (SL) and I (WB) conducted this interview
through a series of emails during the week of July 17-21, 2006. We discussed
his solo albums, his approach to bass a solo instrument, his influences,
and the independent role he has created for himself. [My apologies to Steve for Americanizing his spellings in the final draft.]

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An Interview with Patrick Pfeiffer


phoenix at CD Baby

Patrick Pfeiffer is a well known bassist and author of two popular instructional
books for bass guitarists, Bass Guitar for Dummies and the brand new
Improve Your Groove. I had the pleasure of sitting down to a telephone
interview with him on June 2, 2006. Patrick (PP) and I (WB) spoke for over
an hour about his life, teaching philosophy, books, recording projects, and

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