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Our goal is to help you be the bassist you want to be. We think the following resources will help you get your bag together. If you know of others, add them in the comments and we'll merge them into the list. Sites

    Online since 1997, Wheat's BassBook is one of the most popular starting places for internet-savvy bassists worldwide.
    The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file for the Usenet newsgroup covers a wealth of topics and has become a popular source of bass-specific information.
  • Our MySpace Page's own page on MySpace. Friend us, friends!

Other Bass Community/Education Sites

Music/Tab/Transcription sites


  • TabMaker
    A handy tab creation tool you can use to create tab for posts here at See
    this thread for details.

Other Useful Music-related Sites (not Bass-Specific)

    If your bass has been stolen, you can list the serial number here, in hopes that you might see it again.