Users, active and otherwise

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We have a lot of user accounts at BPing, but quite a few of those are relatively inactive compared to the core of dedicated folks who visit often and comment frequently. As a site admin, growing the size of the active users is a goal of mine, of course. With that in mind, I've just installed a new module called inactive_user, which can be configured to send out a reminder email to users who have accounts but haven't visited the site in a while. The time period is configurable. I set it up for those who haven't been here in over a month.

Those emails when out today. We'll see if they have any impact. I hope they'll function as a nudge for some of our friends to join us. And I hope they won't annoy anybody. But we'll see on that one, too.

Testing this sort of thing is difficult, as I don't have an account that's been laying dormant for a month (well, maybe the jamesnotjim account. I might use that one as a test). But, if you notice anything odd, let me know. And, if you're one of the folks stopping in after an extended break, welcome back.