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To put this quite simply, I can not give enough praise for the quality and caring that went into my custom leather strap. I asked for a very simple and straight foward design for my Grizman Leathers Strap. What I got exceeded my expectations. Steve Walter (Griz) felt that the design would suffer with what I had in mind. Still keeping with my request he added an extra flare that made it complete and perfect. I received my strap already set to the same length as my original strap. It was very clear to me from the moment that I received my strap that this was made by someone who obviously takes a great deal of pride in their work. I asked for gold thread which truly looks stunning with the perfect stiching. I have paid twice as much for an off the shelf strap that was half the quality of a Grizman Leathers Strap. The serial number on the strap was a very nice touch as well. I could not be prouder to own SN#GL-004.
Looking at the way this strap was put together durability is not even a question. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be the strap that will be on my bass at the end of my music career. Again I have to come back to the fact that this is a TRUE craftsman who cares about his product.
Quality, caring, craftsmanship, and obvious pride went into the making of my custom Grizman Leather Strap. It is quite simply put the best money can buy! We hear so much about what is wrong with this product and that product. It is more than just refreshing to see that there are still people left in this world who take pride in their work. A rating of excellent hardly seems enough. This man, this product, gets my abosulte highest recomendation.
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I second that

Griz made a great looking strap for Ol'Bob. I let him have artisic freedom with it and I am not dissapointed. You can see it on my AB home page. Supple leather with a teddy bear on it. I now need to get two more.

So what do bass players that can't play do?

I third that, +1000

I recently received strap from Griz.
to make long story short. It´s perfect.



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Valtteri, it's great to see

Valtteri, it's great to see you posting again. It's been a while. Everything Ok with you these days?

I'm glad to hear you like your Grizman strap. I've not heard one single bad thing about them. Grizman rocks.

Grizman Straps

We have 2 Grizman Straps in our house. Ol' Mamabear the misus has one, and I have the other. Dave stated it very eloquently and truthfully. A Grizman strap is a joy to own. Griz is a master craftsman and will not only give you a superb quality product, but superb service along the way, with step by step discussion and progress reports. Truly you can't do better.

The only other company that I can think of that treats you this way is Rolls Royce.



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Hello Dags. Nice to see you

Hello Dags. Nice to see you drop in. I hope everything is Ok with you and Mama bear?

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Hey ol' man!! good to see ya

Hey ol' man!! good to see ya here. Hope things are well on your half of the world.

I really like Griz's work and have ordered a lil' somethin' up for the new ax as well.


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I have one on order

Griz is finishing the design for a strap for my Ampeg AEB-1 bass. He's trying to match the color of the bass with some pictures I sent to him. He's a busy guy... I've been waiting for a long time. Good for him.