Viva Roxy Music

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Roxy Music

Album title:
Viva Roxy Music

Roxy Music Live album.

John Gustafson, Sal Maida, John Wetton & Rick Wills

This is truly a lost classic. I had this album when I was barely more than a teen ager and I loved it. I considered it to be one of the three or four best live albums ever. Then, tragically I lost it and gradually forgot about it. Recently I've been trying to replace some of the old music I used to have and while poking around on the net for Roxy Music songs and albums I found this one and immediately remembered how good it was.
I went to right away and placed my order. I can't tell you how happy I was playing this album again. Every song on it is good. Brian Ferry is a musical genius. The songs are dark, even sinister, yet uplifting in a way. Brian's voice is unique.
The bass is done by different musos and is really good throughout. The guitar, strings and synths are great.
If you like unusual and truly excellent music you have to get this album.


Overall Performance:
5 - Great

Bass Performance:
5 - Great


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I didn't know that John

I didn't know that John Wetton played on any Roxy Music tracks. I love his work on King Crimson's Red (1974). His tone, lines, and vocals are all great on that disc. Thanks for this. I'll have to check it out.


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It seemed that Roxy Music

It seemed that Roxy Music could never settle on a permenant bassist so they brought in many great session players for their shows and for their studio work. Wiki has a lot of info about RM, it's worth a read.

I think you may like this album very much. Especially if you like King Crimson. There are some similarities. Viva! is really great because of the passion RM put into the performances. I wish it had been filmed and remastered for DVD.

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I'm going to have to add to

I'm going to have to add to my Christmas wish list, I got to see RM live once in Dusseldorf - terrific show. I'm also going to have to look about replacing all of my vinyl one of these years.

B #

B #

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You saw them live? How cool

You saw them live? How cool is that. RM were very big in Europe but never really made it over here (what else is new). You'll definately love Viva! It's early RM at their best. $12.99 (I think) at Amazon. You have to go through the US site though, the Canadian amazon doesn't have it.

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