Chunk Systems 'Brown Dog' gated bass fuzz

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Chunk Systems

Brown Dog

Price Paid:
$279 CAN

Where purchased?:
Music Store

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5 - Great

5 - Great

5 - Great

Overall Rating:
5 - Great

The Chunk Systems Brown Dog gated bass fuzz is simply the best bass distortion pedal I've ever used or heard. It's a true analog pedal with the sound quality you'd expect from a relatively expensive, hand made pedal.

I can get everything from a slight dirtying of my tone to full blown, over the top, fuzz (think 'Dance to the Music'). I like to add just enough distortion to make my bass line stand out in a blues or rock setting but it's nice to know that with the turn of a couple of knobs I can give Larry Graham a run for his money (in tone at least, I'm a few decades of hard practice away from his playing skills).
The Brown Dog is designed to connect to the Agent 00Funk envelope filter where an inverted, boosted signal from the Brown Dog creates the envelope for the Agent 00Funk. The result is fantastic.
The Chunk Systems web site says it best, "Whether you're looking for a way to make your bass sound a little crusty and gritty, fat and funky or even like a screaming mutant bloodsucker from another planet then you've come to the right place." Check out their site for details and sound samples.
If you are willing to part with the $ you won't regret buying the Brown Dog. It's simply the best there is.

Chunk Systems Brown Dog