Bass slap lesson (Intermediate)

I've been getting heaps of people asking me to give them Tabs of some of my slap riffs so I thought I'd put this video up to help those bass players.
This is a slap riff based around the A minor scale, it has a good combination of notes within the scale as well as some fake note (ghosting notes) and a couple of two note chords.
The two chords are C major (1 and 3 or C and E) and the other is A minor (1 and 3 or A and C).
These two notes are pulled at the same time using your 1st and 2nd fingers on the right hand.
C major is a great chord to go to in this key, it is the 3 chord or the Ionian mode in the A minor scale so that will help to give your song or piece of music some flavour.
The video below has the bass riff at full speed(170 bpm) and then slowed down to 80 bpm, then you can see a close up of each hand.


Hope this helps, let me know what you think of it.
Thanks, Jaymie Murray

Bass slap lesson (Intermediate)


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Nice work there J. Fun

Nice work there J. Fun little riff as well.


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Nice to see this back again

Nice to see this back again Jaymie. What word did you change that caused the system so much grief? hahahahaha

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Very nice work, Jaymie. I

Very nice work, Jaymie. I can't wait to get a bass in hand an "have a go" at it. Fun to hear you talk, too.

I like the way you played it at two tempos and gave us a close up of both hands. Nice work, nice riff, good instructional value all around. I like both the use of chords and the fact that you break out of the usual four-fret box that many slap riffs get stuck in.

I'll link over to YouTube and give you some love there, too. :)


Cool, thanks wheat! you

Cool, thanks wheat! you understand my kiwi talk can ya? haha
Really good to hear what you think as this is a bit new to me but I am glad to give it a go.

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Once my hands are better I'm

Once my hands are better I'm going to give this slap thing an honest shot. Great lesson!

So what do bass players that can't play do?

cool!!!!! let me know how ya

cool!!!!! let me know how ya go dude.