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GSRB3U 19"

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Music Store

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Well, I needed a new rack and since I am building up one I thought I would pick me up something inexpensive for now.
I looked around before heading to my local shop and decided I would get a gig bag style rack.
Once at the shop I see they have a GigSkinz 3U rack bag. Nice looking bag. Not yer typical black bag but a shiny silver surface designed to reflect light and keep the temperature down in the bag.
The bag its self is made of some type of carbon weave that is used a lot in motocross and snowboarding and is very durable. The zippers are strong and well stitched in. There is a pocket on the outside for cables and other misc. gear. A shoulder strap and two handles for carrying.
The inner box is made of a super stiff, impact resistant foam. At first I thought it was wood because when I tried to "crush" the box it would not budge any more then particle board or plywood. Very strong stuff. Within the box is the rack for the gear. Just yer standard 3U rack mounts in front.
As for long term durability, I will update this when I have had the bag for a while.