Away for a week

Hey you all.

I'm off to kiwi land for the next week so I may not be able to get to a computer untill I get back.
If I get the chance I'll go to an internet caffee and log on and say hi.

See ya soon and try to keep the place clean!


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Well, if yer goin' on

Well, if yer goin' on holiday then why bother with a computer? ;')

Have a safe one and see ya when you get back.


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yea thanks mate, things are

yea thanks mate, things are going well, I drove for 6 hours today and now I've got a sure bum from the seat in my cheap hire car, haha

I'm really bad with needing computers, I just get so many importand emails that I like to deal with ASAP, or I start to stress.

Talk soon bro!!!!

Jaymie Murray

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Have a great trip Jaymie.

Have a great trip Jaymie. Don't forget to take some Fosters. Otherwise you'll have to drink that awful Tui stuff. LOL!

**I hope Mo doesn't read this**

Hahaha, thanks man. They

Hahaha, thanks man.

They were selling Tui's at the rugby on saturday for $5.50NZD, no way would I spend that much on that crap!

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Have a great trip Jaymie.

Have a great trip Jaymie. I'll keep the place clean don't worry about it.

; )


Thanks Dave.I'm going up to

Thanks Dave.

I'm going up to the snow tommorrow, that should be fun.
It's so cold here I don't know how I use to live here, it's -1c, not sure what that is in US lingo.
Further south they have been getting -17c and roads are being closed already.

I'll post a photo tommorrow of the mountain that I'm going up, you can see it from my window, it's really cool!!


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Wasn't even thinking about

Wasn't even thinking about that.... Hell your in the winter months there. Looking forward to the pics. -1c would be somewhere around 30 degress here... I think. Colder than this boy likes it I can PROMISE you that!