Nemesis Combo

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Eden Electronics

Nemesis NC200 - 12

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Well folks, I just picked up a new combo (to me at least but it is an oldie). I needed something I can tote around to a few jam sessions and lugging around a full or even the half stack is a bit tedious. Also, this combo is an oldie but they have newer versions that I would think are just as good if not better.
Anyways, first impression was good. For an older combo it is still in decent condition and it even has the original plugs that came with it to seal off the headphone jack and a few others.
Then I turn it on and tested all the dials and buttons and they all work perfectly. I flattened out all the setting and tested 'em one at a time. Turn the bass up and I thought the plaster in the guys apartment was going to peal off but the speaker stayed perfectly clear, no distortion or "buzz 'n pop" occurred and the tone was a very nice growling rumble (man!! if it was only a 2x12 and not a 1x12).
Then came the mids, turn 'em up and a very clear bright tone came through and again, stayed super clean.
The treble, what can I say? I do not think I will ever turn it past 1/4 turn. Even for some slappin'. It creates one of the brightest tones I have heard from any combo and can really make the bass sound like a geeter.
Then I toyed with the lacking (yes laking) EQ. It does work like it should and all the way through the different frequencies but I much prefer a minimum of 7 bands to choose from rather then a level knob and a single frequency knob to adjust from low to high or what have ya. Call me picky but this is why I gave "Features" a lower rating.
So I bought it.
Once home I dialed in a tone that I will be using most of the time and played away. I gotta say, for an almost 20 year old combo this thing blew me away. The tone is extremely clear all the way to 20 on the volume (10 on master/10 on gain) and I have no worries that it will cut through some of the louder volume drummers I will be playing with and the guitarist.
Also, it has an extension jack for an additional cab of ANY rating (2, 4, 8 ohms). Only thing that confuses me hear is it also has a switch to turn the internal speaker off (the one in the combo) but they recommend you keep that on when hooked to another cab. I would guess that would only be used when running to a PA or some other DI such as a mixing board and such.
As far as reliability goes, I gave it top ranking since it is almost 20 years old (one owner though), was used at a few live shows and made the journey across the states in one piece and still works great.
Made in '98
200w @ 4ohms RMS / 500w max
1x 12 woofer
1x tweeter
I did not measure it but it is very compact yet is "sounds" louder then the Fender Bassman 250 I used to own.
In closing, I must say and now know why I have always liked Eden gear. It has always sounded great and this little combo is a testament to their reliability.