Drupal upgrade plans + themes

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I've discussed the need to upgrade Drupal, the software that powers BP, many times. But now I'm really going to do it. I turn in grades for the summer class I'm teaching on August 3rd. The fall semester starts on August 20th. So I'm going to do the upgrade the weekend after reporting my summer grades (i.e. August 4th-5th). That gives me a few weeks to fix anything that breaks. :)

Here's something to think about. The theme we currently use as the basis of the design here at BP--it's called "Friends Electric"--hasn't been ported to Drupal 5.0. That's fine by me, as there are many beautiful themes. Here are a few that I'm considering (feedback welcome). We will modify them a bit, but I'm looking for a good place to start:




Bluebreeze (the default):



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I'd have to with either

I'd have to with either Amadou or Barron although I do prefer having three columns like there is in the current Blue Marine.


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