Our host comes to the rescue...

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The hosting crew at mediatemple.net (mt) called today to tell me they've moved our database to a special diagnostic server so they can closely monitor what's going on and fix it. So do your usual thing and be sure to report any weirdnesses to me (via email, or PM, or post to this thread) so I can pass it along to their staff.

I'm really glad they're making an effort to isolate these issues. I've found (mt) to be a very good hosting company. These recent problems are indeed unusual, and I trust they will get to the bottom of them.



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Frankly, I think it is

Frankly, I think it is because I type in East Texas slang. Sorry...



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When I logged in earlier I

When I logged in earlier I was directed to a flash page saying they were changing and upgrading the server do to a high amount of traffic.


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That's good news Wheat. It

That's good news Wheat.
It was most likely me that broke everything, it usually is. hehehe
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