Geddy Lee Signature Bass


Jazz Bass

Price Paid:
799.00 list

Where Purchased?:
Music Store

New or Used:

4 - Good

4 - Good

3 - Okay

Overall Rating:
4 - Good

I gave it an overall rating of good just for the simple fact that up to this point it is more of a collector item than a gig bass.Although I got a great deal on it my only regret is that I feel I spent too much on something I really did not need.It plays great, love the slim neck and style and the look gets a 10 out of 10. I am not getting quite the sound I want out of it but that is due to the fact I don't have Rotosounds on it.That and it is not quite set up the way I want it yet. I cannot compare it to my Precision,(nor would it be fair since I have played the "P" for close to thirty years)as they are really very different,except that I don't think it would take the "road' abuse that my P-Bass has,nor do I think it has the versatility as far as live and recorded sound,just my personal taste. I wanted a second bass to take to open mic nights, something cheaper in case something happened to it, but I really baby this one.It will never see an open night! I have not even taken the plastic coat off the pickguard yet. To sum it up, its greatest aspects to me are the playability and its great look.



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What little contact I've had

What little contact I've had with Geddy basses has been positive. But really, I can't say that much since I've only tried one! Hhahaa!

However, I was over at Geddy's house yesterday, and we jammed and he let me use his. Really, it's a nice bass.

Well, gotta go. I need to get cracking on more songs for their next album. I'm the primary ghost writer for them now.

By the way, wish me luck. I've been scheduled to go up on the next space shuttle this summer and to climb Mt. Everest on an Arctic expidition to the Amazon next year.



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LMAO!! I KNEW it wasn't him playing in those videos!! Good luck with all your endeavors and send Geddy my regards!! Next time you're there see if you can't sneak his Ric out of the house,I'll pay good money for that! That is once I get paid for the undercover work I'm doing for the CIA , and when I get back from the Playboy Mansion....

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WHOA, WHOA THERE BRO! You AIN'T going to the mansion without me!!! Come on Bro that's my life's ambition...... TAKE ME WITH!!!

: )


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WOW Bo!! Are you going up on

WOW Bo!! Are you going up on the shuttle for the "BASS IN SPACE" program? That would be cool because I will piloting the shuttle for that trip and a trip it will be. ;)
We have a crap load of subs and PA's tethered to the Space Station and pointed towards Earth. We are using the BFD cabs, 700 Titan48's loaded with dual 15's, 850 DR300 with Delta LF12's all powered by some custom built amps and power amps.


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Don't forget to use the

Don't forget to use the Force, Hazz!



You don't love me, you just love my FINGERSTYLE!
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