testing the span tag...

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Just testing the span tag to apply CSS formatting:

This is a test of line-through.
This is a test of overline.
This is a test of underline.

[Follow up. Nothing working yet.]


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...what's a span tag?



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That would be the warning tag on spandex, hence span tag. ; )

So what do bass players that can't play do?

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It's an XHTML tag that lets

It's an XHTML tag that lets you, via it's "style" property, apply CSS formatting to things. It looks like this: <span style="font-family: verdana;">Something you want in Verdana</span>.

I was trying the text-decoration options, which include "line-through" (a feature Paul wanted). But no luck so far.



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Don't worry about it Wheat.

Don't worry about it Wheat. I thought it might be an easy tweak. It isn't that important.

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No worries. It's odd,

No worries. It's odd, though, because I enabled the SPAN tag, but it's still not rendering. It was worth testing out, though.