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Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Album title:
Rust Never Sleeps


Billed by Rolling Stone as the best concert of the 70's Rust Never Sleeps is Neil Young at his finest. Backed by Crazy Horse Neil performs hit after hit.

Billy Talbot

The 'best concert of the 70's'? A pretentious claim I thought as I started playing Rust Never Sleeps. The little elves running around on stage setting up over sized gear to the sound of Hendrix' 'Star Spangled Banner' didn't inspire confidence in my choice of DVD. 'What is this crap' I thought to myself.
Just before I'd had enough and advanced to the first song Neil took the stage solo and performed some of his best acoustic material. He's an amazing artist and if the acoustic material was all that was on the DVD I'd have been happy, although I'd certainly question the claim by Rolling Stone. During his acoustic set though I did notice a drum kit in the shadows so I figured I could expect at least a few rockers.
Well, I wasn't disappointed. After 5 or 6 acoustic numbers Neil took a short break and left the elves in charge for a couple of minutes. Then Crazy Horse took the stage with Neil.
I have never, ever, heard a tighter band. These guys are pure musical genius. They played hit after hit, each better than the last. By the time they did 'Cortez the Killer' I was awestruck. You could tell the band were 'in the zone'. Neils Eyes were glazed over as they turned the song into the best jam I've ever heard.
If you love classic rock this DVD captures the genre to perfection. I couldn't recommend it more highly. Should you have an opportunity to see this DVD don't miss it.


Overall Performance:
5 - Great

Bass Performance:
5 - Great

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