New point values

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Based on user feedback, I made some adjustments to the number of points users get for performing various actions on the site. The old values were the defaults for the "userpoints" module. The new values are as follows:

  • Reviews: 10pts
  • Lessons: 15pts
  • Forum topics: 2pts
  • Comments: 1pt

I'll take a look at what's be published previously and see if I can make retroactive adjustments for those of you who have previously published lessons and reviews. This will take some database tinkering. But I'll give it a shot.

Thanks to all of you for contributing to the site and making it great!



Sounds good...

Sounds like a good idea, James. There's not many users here yet, so a retroactive adjustment should be doable.

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Point values have been adjusted!

Thanks to KellyM for pointing out this problem. With a little database tinkering (thank you phpMyAdmin!) I have adjusted the point values to give retroactive credit to those who had published gear and lesson reviews before the new point values went into effect (the point values for forum topics and comments have not changed, so there were no ajustments there). User points for the following BP members have been ajusted upward:

  • Thor Iversen: 3 reviews, 5 lessons
  • BoH: 1 review
  • Pete Wallace: 2 bass reviews
  • KellyM: 1 lesson
  • jamesnotjim: 1 review, 1 lesson

The old value for lessons was 1 point(!). The new point value is 15. So lessons authors got an additional 14 points per lesson. The old value for reviews was also 1 point. The new value is 10 points. So review authors got an additional 9 points per review.

Thanks to all of you for contributing. I hope these new point values will add even more encouragement.


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I Like It!

Good idea, Wheat and Kelly! Makes sense to me!


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And again, I say Woohoo!



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