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Tour 700

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5 - Great

Alrighty, I have had this amp now for a few months so I have had some time to play with it.
First impression right out of the box was good. I like the black face plate, black chrome knobs and the brushed aluminum look of the outer plate. I am also one who likes a lot of gizmos to tinker with and seeing 6 knobs, 6 buttons and a 9 band EQ makes it even more appealing.
When first firing the amp up you notice the purple LED that is very easily seen so you always know weather the amp is on or not. You also hear the fan and even though i sounds like it is moving a lot of air it is not very loud. It is just loud enough though that if you record by mic'ing the cabs you may pic up the sound from the fan depending on how sensitive your mics are.
There are two 1/4" inputs on the front which I like, one high gain and one low gain.
On the back there are to 1/4" Speakon outs for the cabs, an effects loop, a 1/4" jack for a remote switch, a 1/4" jack for a tuner, a 1/4" auxiliary jack (used for processors) and a DI jack that is always active even if the amp is off or you blow a circuit breaker or the amp shuts down.
Ok, I plug this bad boy in, hook up my bass, tern it on and I was very surprised how nice a tone this amp produces for the money. It removed the super bright tone my bass has and turned it into a warm, mellow growling beast. Don't get me wrong, I love how my bass feels and plays, I just do not like the stock tone.
Playing around with the EQ you will notice that the slightest of movement has an affect on the tone that you can very clearly hear. I have had some eq's that you need to move the sliders a good bit before really noticing but not with this amp. Just a hair of movement and there is a big difference. You can also by-pass the eq completely if you want.
I was going to keep repeating my self so to keep from doing that, all the controls I am about to mention all work very well and you can hear the slightest of changes very clearly.
The bright switch (button) does what is says. I always leave it off though.
The contour knob shapes the tone nicely and can be turned all the way down and not have any change in the tone or you can crank it and your bass will sound like a completely different animal yet with the same warm growling tone.
The Octaver - All I gotta say is HOLLY SHYTE!! If you turn it all the way up and strike an open E you are guarentied to crack the plaster in yer home and possibly at a small venue and I am playing this through a 2x10/1x15 set up that can handle apprx 1200w RMS. My new cabs when I finish them will probably destroy my house. ;^)
There is a little button named "DDT" - Distortion Detection Technique. This is used to prevent clipping that could damage the amp or your speakers. Peavey recommends always having it on and maybe if I ever use this head at a gig or something I will but in the studio you will never push the amp that hard. If you do then you are probably def.
Then there are the standard gain controls, pre and post. Pre-gain controlling the input of your instrument and post-gain controlling the output of the preamp to the amp. I have yet to turn the Pre-gain past 1/2 way but I have turned the Post-gain all the way and the amp is still as clean as it is at lower volumes.
Now the tech specs, not all just a few major ones
500w RMS at 8ohms
700w RMS at 4ohms
Power consumption - 1000w
Failsafe DI back up - 48v PhantomPower
Weight - 24lbs
Sound - I gave it a 5. One of the best sounding amps I have ever heard.
Features - Just a 4. I would prefer a 12 band EQ and the DI put on the front panel
Durability - just a 4 since I have not owned it long enough to really know how it will last but based on other Peavet gear I have seen and used I am thinking it will stand up well.
Over all - A 5 because so far this amp just F'n rocks.

Peavey Tour 700