RMMB FAQ v4.1 is now bassfaq.com

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I just did some minor updates to the rec.music.makers.bass FAQ. And I registered bassfaq.com as an easier way to find it.

The FAQ was originally created for the rec.music.makers.bass Usenet newsgroup, but it has become a popular site for bassists all over the internet (including those who have never heard of Usenet). I spent a lot of time on RMMB before I discovered AB and then, of course, rolled out bassplaying.com.

Anyway, it's easier to find now. Drupal has a module for building FAQs. I've thought of pouring all this into Drupal and serving it off basssplaying.com. But it might be better to eventually (collaboratively) create a bassplaying.com FAQ and leave well enough alone. (I'm in the middle of too many projects right now to start another!)