BassIAB 2007.2 (was "Bass-in-a-Box II")

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The Idea:
Bass-in-a-Box (BassIAB) gives you a chance to demonstrate your creativity while learning about the creative process of other bassists here at The idea is simple:

  • We provide a backing track (mp3) without a bass line and a chord chart (PDF).
  • You load it into your Digital Audio Workstation and record a bass line.
  • You export the entire track to a single mp3 file.
  • You post a link to your file to the Bass-in-a-Box thread in the forum.
    • Talk through your recording and creative process.
    • Need hosting? We'll host the file for you! Just email it to Wheat and we'll send you a link you can use in your post.
  • Listen to the other versions and discuss them.

Get the idea? It's simple. It's fun. It gives you a chance to learn how other bassists think and pick up some bass line creation and recording techniques. It's not a competition, it's an excuse to have fun and learn.

This one officially opens on April 1st, 2007 and runs until June 30th, 2007. You can jump in at any time.


Questions, Comments, and Help:
In the official BassIAB thread.

To Paul for creating the backing track
To BoH and Hazz for creating the MySpace page to host the entries
To you for participating!

Spread the word:
Let others know about BassIAB. Here's the link to this announcement: