Pseudo-logo, if you need one...

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The Google search thing needed a graphical logo and I realized I didn't have one handy, so I took a screen shot of the front page of the site and chopped out the title and slogan:

I'm linking it here mostly for my own reference, but if any of you need one for some reason (or need a URL to one) feel free. Here's the URL:


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O.K. Wheat- did you pull that from my MySpace page

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Ha! No man, I didn't. But

Ha! No man, I didn't. But thanks for mocking up your own, and thanks for linking over to BP from your MySpace. Let's all do that and take over the world.


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Linking to BP

I posted the image as a link on my personal MySpace and BP's.



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Re: Ha! No man, I didn't. But

[quote=wheat]... Let's all do that and take over the world.


It's Pinky, Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain.


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MySpace Logo

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