A Fantastic Practice Amp

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Cube 30 Bass

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5 - Great

Okay, so I marked everything about this little amp as great. I believe it. I'm not just blowing smoke. However, I suppose it all depends on how you feel about a small amp with so many features.
Here is why I like it:

  • It's got a nice, full bodied tone. This is made possible by a Shape feature, which I can only assume adds a low end harmonic to the tone. One push of a button and you've got some really nice bottom end.
  • The three band EQ is nice. It has the standard Bass, Mid, and Treble controls for tweaking your tone. By the way, all knobs are located on the top of the unit for easy access from the couch, easy chair, or toilet (Come on, admit it. You've played with your bass on the throne at least once).
  • The unit has seven models: Octaver, Flip Top, B Man, T.E., Bass 360, Session, and Concert 8x10. Naturally, these don't come anywhere close to the real things, but what do you expect from a unit that can fit in a dishwasher?
  • On to effects: It's got everything you'd expect; reverb, flanger, and chorus. My favorite? The wah combined with the octaver is really nice for some unusual greasy funk...nice...oh, and there's the matter of the delay. Pretty cool stuff for a small package.

You have some routing options. Naturally, there's the required headphone jack, but there is also an Auxillary In for your radio/CD player or a drum machine. Mine gets regular use. Oh, I almost forgot the footswitch input. I used a Peavey guitar amp footswitch and it works well--turns the effects on/off with one side and the reverb/delay on and off with the other side. Pretty neat.
My One Complaint: A built-in tuner would have been a nice convenience. You'd think that with all the features they stuffed into this amp, they could have left a little room for it.
So, if you need a practice amp, get one of these. I really think you'll like it.

Roland Cube 30 Bass

A Fantastic Practice Amp