Perfect for small hands and not so small hands too


Ergodyne EDB

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Actual Price Paid: $349.00 (retails for more)

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Music Store

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5 - Great

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5 - Great


Initially, what caught my attention was the neck of this bass. It's narrow at the nut but also thin; there's no baseball-bat here. When I picked it up, I was amazed at how lightweight it is, and things just got better from there.
The body is smaller than average (it's about the same as my short scale Jazz copy) and contoured in interesting ways that actually DO fit. Rather than a pickguard, the body has a scoop below the strings on the lower side. Combined with the traditional cutaway, it makes it easy to get to all 24 frets.
All the Ergodynes feature an active EQ. You can dial up your sound very precisely. I'm not a fan of speed knobs because I like to be able to look and see exactly where I am..but they're responsive and quick. The pickups sound great, with well defined highs and good strong bottom. We ran it through a Peavey rig in the store and it sounded incredible.
Probably though the best thing about this bass, for me, is that I can handle it. My hands are very small and it's been almost impossible for me to get around on your average neck. Not only that, but generally they weigh a ton and are so bulky they're hard to manipulate. The whole physical design of this bass makes it easy for anyone to play, and I think that may be the most important and worthwhile feature of it. Besides sounding great... I can actually PLAY it.



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luthite again

I believe this instrument is constructed with Luthite, as is my sons Cort Curbow. They are both very lightweight instruments and the bodies are "form-molded" rather than carved so they can create some wonderful scoops and ergonomic planes. I think that even Yamaha have brought out some luthite basses.
It's cool stuff when you get used to it.

Fat man, fat bass.

Do you know much about the

Do you know much about the Cort Curbow fretless basses at all?
I got a Cort RB5 recently and have been very happy with it for the $$$$ and now I'm thinking about fretless basses, I saw these and would like to to find out more about there sound ect...