Not an effect but a Mic

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$70.00 USD

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Overall Rating:
5 - Great

Let me start off by saying I have never really owned a good quality mic and the only other mic I can compare this one to would be the Sure SM57 since that is what my friends use.
Sound - This mic is amazing. It picks up every little nuance and does so very clearly, you best be recording in a very quiet room. I even had to build a barrier in front of the computer because the mic would pick up the noise from the fan. Not the typical hum you get from a pc but the actual sound of the fan spinning and I have a very quiet fan.
When recording off the cabs it reproduces the tone exactly like it sounds coming out of the cabs. You can not hear any differences.
Same goes for vocals and it picks up every little breath I take (no pun intended) so I really need to concentrate on not letting any excessive air in our out.
Features - Unlike some mics it has no added features. Meaning you can not change the pattern or tone from the mic. For that I gave it a 4 because I would have liked that option but for the price I can not complain.
Durability - Seems durable. Very sturdy feeling and from the way it was packaged I am sure it got bounced around a bit and it still works fine.
Overall - For the price I would recommend this mic to anyone looking for a good quality, good sounding and affordable mic. If you want all the specs on it then check the link at the bottom.
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