Rotosound launch Drop Zone & Drop Zone+ string sets

Press Release – 31st March 2010

Rotosound launch Drop Zone & Drop Zone+ string sets

Rotosound are pleased to announce the launch of the roundwound Drop Zone and Drop Zone+ string sets aimed directly at bass guitarists who like to de-tune. These strings are specifically designed to allow them to lower their tuning down to B and earthshaking F# respectively.

The new Drop Zone strings are perfect for grunge, garage and heavy rock bassists and are used by many bass legends including James Lomenzo of Megadeth. They come in two sets the RS 66LH with 65 to 130 gauge strings for D to Low B tuning and RS 66LH+ with 85 to 175 gauge strings for A to low F# tuning.

The Drop Zone and Drop Zone+ are engineered for great tone, balance, and feel and designed to maintain reliable tuning even under alternate tuning situation. The strings are manufactured using the finest quality raw materials and EVERY string is hand checked for consistency of winding and quality before being passed, and only then is it worthy of carrying the Rotosound name.

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