Bass Pod Pro XT

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Let me say this about that. This thing is incredible. So many modeling possibilities. Tone and amp combinations are fantastic. So many pedal possibilities. Software makes defining your own tone and amp sounds an easy thing to do. I do recommend the FBV short board for finding tones on the fly during live performance. Wah pedal action on the short board is better than good. While it's technically complex, if you take the time to learn it, the possibilities are numerous. Don't make the mistake I did - show up to a gig without using it prior. You HAVE to spend some time getting to know this puppy. One thing to remember. The drive knob can be highly useful when you first start getting to know this thing. Volume fluctuations when switching between tones can be frustrating, but usually overcome with increasing/decreasing the drive knob.


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I use the Bass Pod XT Live

and I love it too and I'm sure I've not even scratched the surface of what it can do either. I mainly use it for amp models and some basic effects (compressors, OD, etc)