Son of

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The Scoop
Okay, I teased you a bit with hints of something big and new in the works. I just finished some initial configuration, and now I want you to dive in and test it out with me. Fellow low-enders, I present to you, Son of

Ready, Steady, Go!
Bookmark that! Make it your homepage. Go over right now and sign yourself up. IF you're already a BPing member, please use your current username, to avoid confusion (there's no way I can enforce this rule, but I think it would be nice to keep them synched up).

What? Why? How?
I have an initial post over at SonOf which explains a bit of the rationale. It's not a full-blown manifesto, but I'm working on that.

Does this mean you're killing off BPing?
Certainly not. At least not for the time being. Probably not ever. BPing gets a lot of traffic and provides a good service. Maybe SonOf will eclipse it entirely, maybe it will be a failed experiment, or maybe they'll manage a peaceful coexistence. Time will tell.