dropping a nice low note to let it resound around the board..........

just dropping a note to break up the silence and cobwebs been round here lately.....hope everyone is doing good after all the holidays...


*and it harm none,do what thou will*

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Have to agree with you Greg.

The cobwebs seem to be happening everywhere. The new year has been a steady one for me which is OK. Would like to be @ lot busier @ work though.

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I've been busy with work and

I've been busy with work and other projects so I haven't been around much lately. Hope to be around more but who knows...

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I've been busy with life in

I've been busy with life in general, but I'm back and have some ideas to share with you. Right now, though, gotta go pick up the boy at daycare!



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I'm still around, I lurk

I'm still around, I lurk more than I post (mainly because I keep forgetting my password!)

Still playing at my church every week, still learning and getting better on the bass. Hard to believe it's been over a year now that I've been playing.