MS Songsmith

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Have any of you used MS Songsmith? Do you know anyone who has?

The reason I ask is that it's supposed to take a monophonic input, such as voice, or bass (as long as you don't play chords) and turn it into a song. It uses the Band in a Box engine so it's probably pretty good.

In order to do that it clearly has to convert the audio to notes and I'm guessing they'd be in midi format. That would make it possible to play a line and have Songsmith convert it to midi which BiaB could output as standard notation or tab.

I think that would be great if it works. It would really help with learning to sight read music.

So any thoughts? Do you know whether this is possible?

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I saw this really goofy,

I saw this really goofy, somewhat tongue-in-check commerical for it a while back (I think the main guy is one of the developers of the app).

There's become something of an internet meme of making fun of it by running classic songs through it. But I think it's probably a useful tool, or at least one that would be fun to play around with a bit. I don't think it would work for me, as I usually start with a chord progression or a riff and find a melody in or through it, rather than the other way around.

There's a video demo here and you can download a trial copy. If you dig it, it's only $30.00.


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You're right $30 isn't bad.

You're right $30 isn't bad. At that price I don't think I'd feel bad even if it sucked.

I did read that it does output midi but it isn't clear whether the audio track is converted to midi too. If it isn't it won't work for what I want.

Melodyne is the gold standard for audio to midi but it's so expensive I haven't considered it. If there was a cheaper alternative I'd go for it.