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Carvin AC100D


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I bought this amp, because I play both acoustic guitar and bass. This amp is a 100W, 3-channel amp. The first channel is designed for acoustic guitar, the second channel is designed for bass, and the third channel is designed for keyboard or voice. Each channel has its own volume, tone control and effects. Different effects can be used with each channel.
It's designed for acoustic guitar, but my electric also sounds good through. I would definitely replace it if stolen or lost. I don't think it would function well for large venue gigs at all, but for small room or low volume stuff (like church), it's got all the power you need. Favorite aspects are the versatility, sound quality and multiple channels for a decent price. Worst aspect would probably be power, but it's only a 100 W amp. This is a great jam amp, and it is also super for the guy who is split between insturments (bass and guitar).
I gave this amp a 4 for sound only because I don't have a lot of experience with comparably priced amps. However, I have had a few friends try it and they really liked it, so it might warrant a 5. The acoustic guitar sound is very good.
Early versions of this amp had reliability issues, but I've had none in a year's time. However, since I'm pretty easy on the amp, I only gave it a 4 because of the earlier reputation.

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Many Thanks, Bill!

Right! Very good then. I've wondered about these little rigs. I've looked at them in Carvin's catalog and wondered. So the versatility is the thing then? Excellent! Thanks again, good sir. Very good to see you here.


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Update on the amp.

Thanks for the kind words, Bo.

I played at a retreat service last night with 4 guitarists and 3 vocalists leading a small group (maybe 120 to 140 people) in song.

One of the guitarists who plays in a couple of bands came over and checked out the amp. He was pleased with the bass sound, saying that every other guitar/bass amp he'd seen tended to break up as it was turned up, especially on the lowest notes...none of that happened. I guess that's a good thing.