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MXR M-80 Bass + DI


M-80 Bass DI+

The Bass Company (TBC) AP400 M


AP400 M

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The Day After

It's one day after our official, June 1, 2006 launch and things are going great. As of right now, we have thirty registered members, about half of those joining after we announced the new site on There's some activity in the forums and signs of life all around. Thanks to everyone who jumped in early and created an account. Now go tell your friends and get them to sign up, too. Great things are in the works!

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Recording Bass: Mics vs. DI

There are two ways to get your bass into your computer or other recording device. You can choose Direct Input (DI) or use a microphone. This brief article discusses both approaches.

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Boomerang Phrase Sampler


Phrase Sampler

Tech21 Landmark 60


Landmark 60

Listerud Custom 4-string

Listerud Custom

Totem 4

Price Paid:

DIY Bass Setup Guide

Here's a little guide to how you can make your beloved bass feel better. I know this has all been said in the FretBuzz forums over at ActiveBass many times before, but I thought I'd make it a little more structured and easier for the beginners to understand. Remember, nothing is set in stone when it comes to bass set-ups. Some like the action high, some like it low, etc. This guide is an explanation of how I've always done my own set-up (and a few other peoples), and there are as many ways of doing this as there are bass players. You'll eventually find the set-up that suits you the best, and then you choose the way of achieving that set-up that suits you best.

Buying a Bass Online

There can be many reasons for wanting to buy a bass via the Internet. Maybe you live in a place with no music stores? Maybe the only music store in your area only carries Fender? Maybe you came across a great deal on ebay? Whatever the reason is, buying on the Internet is not always as straight foreward as it might seem. There are some dodgy people out there who will rip you off if you're not careful. I've talked to quite a few people to whom this has happend, so here's some tips you can apply if you consider buying a bass via the Internet.

Understanding Materials: Graphite

Most of us have heard about graphite necks and graphite bodies. Flea [bassist the Red Hot Chili Peppers] is often seen playing a Modulus with a graphite neck, so is Oteil Burbridge, Stefan Lessard, and many others. [Who bassist] John Entwistle even had a whole bass made from graphite. Some companies use graphite for the body, many use it for the neck, and many more us graphite rods to make wooden necks stronger. Both Status Graphite and Moses Graphite offer replacement graphite necks for your bass, as well as graphite bridges and nuts. Steinberger and Modulus are two household name companies that use graphite to a large extent in their basses. So, what exactly is graphite, and why is it a good material for basses?

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