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Chunk Systems 'Brown Dog' gated bass fuzz

Chunk Systems

Brown Dog

Bass slap lesson (Intermediate)

I've been getting heaps of people asking me to give them Tabs of some of my slap riffs so I thought I'd put this video up to help those bass players.
This is a slap riff based around the A minor scale, it has a good combination of notes within the scale as well as some fake note (ghosting notes) and a couple of two note chords.
The two chords are C major (1 and 3 or C and E) and the other is A minor (1 and 3 or A and C).
These two notes are pulled at the same time using your 1st and 2nd fingers on the right hand.
C major is a great chord to go to in this key, it is the 3 chord or the Ionian mode in the A minor scale so that will help to give your song or piece of music some flavour.

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Why Mr Gumbs should be allowd to stay

* Because he goes through basses like a bum on a baloney sandwich\n* We feel sory for the chap because now he will be holdin' down a 9 to 5'er instead of playing\n* Because we need someone almost as looney as Mr Magaro.\n* He should not be allowed to stay because we are jealous of the many basses he goes through and he is a raging lunatic\n* \n

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Need a Rack Bag?


GSRB3U 19"

Well, I needed a new rack and since I am building up one I thought I would pick me up something inexpensive for now.
I looked around before heading to my local shop and decided I would get a gig bag style rack.
Once at the shop I see they have a GigSkinz 3U rack bag. Nice looking bag. Not yer typical black bag but a shiny silver surface designed to reflect light and keep the temperature down in the bag.
The bag its self is made of some type of carbon weave that is used a lot in motocross and snowboarding and is very durable. The zippers are strong and well stitched in. There is a pocket on the outside for cables and other misc. gear. A shoulder strap and two handles for carrying.

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BassIAB 2007.3 poll - vote for your song

* Water Street Boogie\n* The Long Climb\n* Rio Gals\n* Scent of June\n

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Which bass player are you

* Head Bobber\n* Foot Stomper\n* Dancing Fool\n* Stage Acrobat\n* Just stand there making faces\n

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Nemesis Combo

Eden Electronics

Nemesis NC200 - 12

wheat's picture Celebrates our First Year!

That's right, kids. Yesterday, June 1, 2007, marks our one year anniversary. In that short amount of time, the site has grown by leaps and bounds, and it continues to grow thanks to all of you who visit and contribute. Thanks for making BP a part of your life.

We're in the process of creating some great t-shirts to celebrate the event. You'll see a front-page post about those when they're available for purchase.

Here's to another great year!


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T-shirt size (for the BP Anniversary shirt), just want to get an idea...

* Small\n* Medium\n* Large\n* XL\n* XXL\n

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500 watts of EVIL!!!



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