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How is the new site so far?

* Super, thanks for asking!
* So far, so good!
* It's complicated.
* We are not amused.
* The what?

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Korg nanoPAD makes drum programming fun and easy



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BassIAB 2009.1 is here...

Ok, it's here at last. BassIAB 2009.1 is done.

While I was listening to some of the new BiaB RealTracks I came across these guitars that sound just like Mark & David Knopfler of Dire Straits. They sounded so good I just had to throw together a track to jam with. It was so much fun that I thought some of you might enjoy it too.

This amp is the best I have ever used.


Markbass 102p and the standard HF with horn

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Using Harmonics in Chords, Part I

This is the first in a two-part series on using harmonics along with fretted notes to form chords.

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an interview with Little Lisa


Little Lisa
Little Lisa on stage

Fall 2007 saw the airing of The Next Great American Band (TNGAB) on the Fox network. While I'm not sure how well the show performed for the network I personally found it quite interesting. Of course, as an amateur musician, that might not be too surprising. There were a number of very talented bands that appeared on the show. My personal favorites were Franklin Bridge and Dot Dot Dot (DDD).

Franklin Bridge were voted off the show too soon in my humble opinion but DDD remained with the show for a few more episodes and I found myself rooting for them to be the winning band (sadly not the case). Not only did DDD have talent to spare and an engaging and refreshing style they also had one of the best bassists of any band in the competition. She goes by the name of Little Lisa but believe me 'little' doesn't refer to her talent. She lays down a great groove.

I (PW) conducted this interview with Little Lisa (LL) by e-mail in January 2008.

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What theme do you use?

* Amadou (i.e. the default if you've never changed it)
* Bluebreeze-fixed
* Bluebreeze
* Bluemarine
* Wheat, I have no idea what you're talking about.


This is our first try with the new "Chat Room" module. Jump in, try it out, and report any bugs or other problems.

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Grizman Leathers Custome Leather Straps

Grizman Leathers

Custome Leather Strap

To put this quite simply, I can not give enough praise for the quality and caring that went into my custom leather strap. I asked for a very simple and straight foward design for my Grizman Leathers Strap. What I got exceeded my expectations. Steve Walter (Griz) felt that the design would suffer with what I had in mind. Still keeping with my request he added an extra flare that made it complete and perfect. I received my strap already set to the same length as my original strap.

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Viva Roxy Music

Roxy Music

Album title:
Viva Roxy Music

Roxy Music Live album.

John Gustafson, Sal Maida, John Wetton & Rick Wills

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