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Bass Pod Pro XT

Let me say this about that. This thing is incredible. So many modeling possibilities. Tone and amp combinations are fantastic. So many pedal possibilities. Software makes defining your own tone and amp sounds an easy thing to do. I do recommend the FBV short board for finding tones on the fly during live performance. Wah pedal action on the short board is better than good. While it's technically complex, if you take the time to learn it, the possibilities are numerous. Don't make the mistake I did - show up to a gig without using it prior.


A little piece I am working on. Enjoy.

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New Feature: Radio has a new feature that allows you to create MP3 players for your site. So I threw one together from the bassists we've interviewed as well as a few others I thought you might like. I'm thinking of making a customized one to go along with each existing (and any future) interviews, featuring just the music of that bassist.

I Want You

Composition, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar lead and rhythm - A.J. Spinella
Bass - Hazz L
Drums - Steve Gardner

This is not final as we are trying to get some keys added but it is close and I will leave it up this time.

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Squier Jazz 70's Fretless Bass Guitar

Amazing. Simply amazing. The feeling of the neck, your fingers sliding across its narrow figure. The tone is enough to make any Jazz player/appreciator faint. The three control knobs consist of Neck pickup volume, Bridge pickup volume, and Treble/Tone. Once you find the right setting for yourself, the sound melts your face. The sunburst body, indeed only adds to the classic vibe and feel for the bass. There are no Cons that I see in this bass. Nice tone, fret-markers for beginners, aesthetically pleasing, and overall great price.

BassIAB 2009.2 - B Dylan Acoustic Jam

Ok, BassIAB 2009.2 is here. I wanted this to sound a bit like a Bob Dylan tune and I think it does. I used a chord progression very similar to something BD would have played. To make it more authentic there's two acoustic guitars, one strumming and the other finger picking.

I tried to add some harmonica but none of the harmonica tracks really suited the tune. I tried a fiddle instead and I think it works well. It really has the sort of sad sound you'd expect from some of BDs work. And man can that fiddle player play, really sweet.

Bo's T40 sample

Just a test of the audio feature. I wanted to see if it would post my T40 samples. Anyway, this is what Peavey T40 sounds like if you are interested.

The Rig: I know, I know, you're reading this part because you wanted to know my preamp, eq, and effects. No, it's rather boring; T40> Lightsnake>Crappy Lappy.

Ocean by James, Not Jim

Testing the new Audio contributed module, which allows mp3 uploads. If you decide to test it as well, be mindful of #11 on our TOS.

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Site Upgrade

On 5/22/09, I upgraded to Drupal 5.18 (from 4.7). All went well. You'll notice changes as we continue to integrate the existing site with the new code base and the new theme. I will be rolling out additional improvements in the coming weeks. For now, you'll be happy to know we have a fully functional chat system as well as the Shoutbox (which has made it's glorious return).

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Chat Room (e.g. basschat) and the Shoutbox both cover some of the same ground. Do we need both? Let your voice be heard!

* I prefer the Chat Room
* I prefer the Shoutbox
* I think both add value to the site
* I don't use/care about this feature

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