Terms of Use

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These are the house rules at bassplaying.com. They will grow and change over time, but we have to start somewhere. Failing to comply with the Terms of Use will get you a warning or, if you keep it up, a suspension from the site. Flagrant offences will get you an immediate suspension. We're not trying to take the fun out of anything. And we know that, for any reasonable person, all of this goes without saying. But not everyone is a reasonable person, so we have to have some ground rules. And we expect you to follow them.

  1. We want you here and we want you to feel at home, and that goes for everyone. So, even though opinions may clash in the forums, we expect people to treat each other with a reasonably amount of dignity and civility. Do your best not to start or escalate flames. Resist the temptation to feed known trolls. DON'T SHOUT! Discuss points rather than trading insults. Keep it as friendly as possible. Agree to disagree rather than going back and forth ad nauseum.
  2. Putting people down because of their race, country of origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or anything else they can't control is rude, unwarranted, and uncool. It'll also get your account suspended. Dissing over politics, religion or other opinions (so long as you abide by other relevant rules) is a horse of a different color, and we don't have a problem with it.
  3. While we try to be accurate and provide useful information, we make no guarantee--expressed or implied--that the information you read here is factual, accurate, or fit to any particular purpose. We're not legally responsible if something bad happens if you follow our advice on something. Opinions of individual posters at bassplaying.com are not to be taken as necessarily representative of the views of the maintainers of the site.
  4. Please do your best to keep forums on topic. The admins can and will move posts to the proper forum, but it reduces overhead if you post them in the proper place to begin with. If you fear that your post is off-topic, it probably is and it probably belongs in the General Forum.
  5. All for sale and want-to-buy posts must go in the Gear forum. You can announce CDs of your own music for sale either in the General forum or in the Players forum.
  6. If you are a vendor, distributor, manufacturer, endorsee, or are in any other way financially affiliated with a particular bass-related or music-related product or service, please make this clear whenever you engage in discussions about the goods or services to which you are affiliated via a brief disclaimer (e.g. "[Full disclosure: I work for Fender]"). Mention any affiliations of this sort on your profile page.
  7. If your user account is suspended, you are considered banned from the site and must resolve your issues with the admins via email. You are forbidden to create new user accounts in order to circumvent account suspension. Any accounts created for such purposes will also be suspended, and we will, if we have to, block your IP and notify your ISP.
  8. No SPAM of any kind will be tolerated. This is a bass site. If your goods or services don't have anything to do with bass playing, you can't discuss them here--and you can't use your profile page, or any other part of the site, as an advertisement for them.
  9. Reviews, lessons, and other "pages" are held to a higher standard than forum posts and are moderated. Your lesson may be edited or rejected for length, quality, appropriateness, or any other criteria. When possible, we will attempt to give you some feedback on what is unacceptable about your page and give you a chance to fix it. But, due to the demands of administering a site, this is not always possible. If we reject your page or lesson, it doesn't mean we hate you. It just means it didn't fit with our vision of what the site should be.
  10. You have the ability to link to images and other content. Please be sure that what you're linking is relevant to whatever is being discussed. Don't link to porn or graphic sexual images.
  11. Be mindful of copyright law. Don't post note-for-note transcriptions or other copyrighted material. We wish Creative Commons licensing were more prevalent, but it isn't yet. So be careful. Don't post someone else's content as if it were your own (i.e. don't plagiarize). Keep your quotations from copyrighted sources (in, for example, reviews) brief and to the point so that they comply with "fair use" provisions of US copyright law.
  12. The decisions of the admins, on all of the above or on any other issues that might creep up, are final. If you have an issue with an admin's decision, you can discuss it via email or via a thread in the General Forum. But there is, as yet, no formal appeals procedure. The admins may come around to your way of thinking, but they are under no obligation to do so.
  13. Everyone on the site is invited to create content and to participate in the forums. Posters retain copyright to all of their submissions but must grant bassplaying.com the non-exclusive right to publish the content online, for as long as the site continues to exist online.