Online tab creator

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I'm going to build something like this for the site:

It's a Flash-based tab creator. You click the fretboard to create the tab. When you're done, you highlight the tab and copy it. Then you can paste it into a message (wrap it with PRE tags to force it into that typewriter-style font). Looks dead simple. I'm not sure when I'll get around to it, but we need one, I think.

You guys can actually use this now, if you like. Just don't copy the top two strings (unless you're tabbing for a six string bass).


I belong to another musician forum where folks are always asking for licks to be tabbed out; I shared it with them as well. It's really simple to use. Thanks!

Here's the Cmaj scale that I created using the program.


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Thanks, Ladybass

Thanks for putting it to use! I added CODE tags around your riff to force it into a font where all the characters are of equal width (just edit your post to see the tags).

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