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It's time to move on... had a good run, but it hasn't been a truly active site in a while, so I'm going to archive it, due to the sharp uptick in spam signups, but leave it online as a static site, since there's a lot of content here that still gets considerable Google traffic.

All good things must end. I appreciate everyone who signed up, provided content, or in any other way helped make the site a cool place to be during its heyday.



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Up and running with Drupal 6.22

The site was starting to throw some errors because we were still on Drupal 5.18. Finished the upgrade to 5.23 (the last 5.x release) and then on to 6.22 (the current 6.x release).

As usual, following an upgrade, some things might be weird. if so, let me know by posting a comment to this post (or start your own thread) and I'll address when I can. Some of the contributed modules (including Audio, which we used for several things) aren't being maintained anymore, so I had to disable them. But I've got User Points and Shoutbox running, as those are crucial.



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The new introductions thread: Hello, I'm _____, and I'm a bass player.

The old introductions thread was getting pretty long, which makes the links to new posts do odd things, so I'm starting a new one, and you're soaking in it. I even created a handy shortcut URL for it:

Back by Popular Demand – Ampeg Continues Heritage Series Build Plan into 2011

Classic Ampeg Gear Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A.

WOODINVILLE, WA – April 1, 2011 – Following the sell-out of all 2010 units, Ampeg today announces the 2011 build plan for the U.S.-built Heritage Series. First launched at NAMM in 2010, the Heritage SVT-CL, Heritage SVT-810E and Heritage SVT-410HLF represent the pinnacle of classic Ampeg tone, styling and construction.

Orange OPC, Upgraded and now Shipping

The much anticipated Orange OPC, the musician’s personal computer, has been upgraded and is ready for Pre-Order from the new website for delivery within the UK by the end of April and will be shipping outside the UK shortly after.

Orange Amps bring you Dark Terror

Press Release – Musikmesse 2011

Orange Amps bring you Dark Terror

Dark forces have been stirring at Orange Amps where mysterious alchemy has created the beast to be unleashed. Striding out of the shadows is the new Dark Terror, guitars amps will never be the same again!

'Miracle' by Fugitive

Feel free to download and play Fugitive's new track 'Miracle'. If you like it and would like to hear more Fugitive go to www. or
Fugitive's debut album 'In Transit' is available to purchase from for jut £6.50.

Great practice amp

My son had been looking for a small practice amp.While I was at the Guitar Center yesterday I spotted a small (physically) amp that was in the used gear section. Good luck #1 =it was a Peavey Bass amp model Max 126.good news #2 = you couldn't tell it was ever used, good news #3 it was only $15.00. The first real bargain I ever got from GC.It tested perfect and now lives in my son's bedroom.

Orange Amps launches the All-in-one computer amplifier speaker – The OPC

Orange Amplifiers, the British based pioneering force in guitar amplifiers, are proud to announce the launch of the revolutionary all-in-one computer amplifier speaker – The OPC.

The project has been several years in the making and as a pioneering force in guitar amplifiers, they have used their expertise in sound technology, engineering and electronics to build a new generation of computers that incorporate the best of both worlds: latest computer technology with integrated tools for the modern musician and music lovers.


The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) is excited to welcome legendary bassist Billy Sheehan for an interactive bass masterclass on Wednesday, April 28th at their facilities in Kilburn, London.

Known for his work with Steve Vai, David Lee Roth and Mr. Big, Billy has won ‘Best Rock Bass Player’ five times by Guitar Player Magazine and has played in over 4,000 shows. Billy has also been hosting bass masterclasses for over 25 years in countries all over the world.

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